Abdullah Al-Rukhais

Abdullah Alrakhis is the chairman of the National Development Program and has a rich experience in both public and private sectors. He is an engineer, professional program manager, venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, investor and public policy certified expert in international development. With a bachelor of civil engineering from King Saud University, master of project management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, master of international development, AMP and MBA from Harvard, AMP and Diploma of Organizational Leadership from Oxford. Abdullah has been a board member of the Oxford University International Advisory Board and is a member of Harvard Kennedy School’s Dean Board. He was a Harvard fellow and is an Aspen Institute and Brookings Institute fellow. Abdullah has been a founder and cofounder of multi sector ventures in Infrastructure, Technology, Telecom, Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Construction and Project Management. Abdullah is a board member of local and foreign public and private institutions, companies and ventures including African Mobile Co, Zain Telecom, RAKISA Holding and RAKISA Education where He invests with an international consortium in early education and public and higher education projects across the MENA and North America regions.
National Development Program (NDP) . Chairman
Saudi Arabia