Mohssen Ali Hakami

Mohssen Ali Hakami Education (PhD 2013) -B.S., Computer Science and Education, 1993; King Saud University, KSA -High Diploma, Educational Supervision, 2003, King Saud University, KSA -MSc ,Technology and Society, 2007; University of Bristol, UK -PhD, E-learning (how ICT is being used in a Tatweer Project school), 2013, University of Bristol, Uk Work Experience -The head of Najran educational department (2016 – Now) -Ministry of Education, Najran educational department -Vice dean of Deanship Of E-Learning (2014 – 2017) -Najran University, College of Science and Arts Sharoura (branch) -The head of computer department (2014 – 2017) -Najran University, College of Science and Arts Sharoura -Assistant Professor (2013 – Now) -Najran University, College of Science and Arts Sharoura -General computer supervisor (2000 – 2013) -Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Supervision (Riyadh) -Computer supervisor (1998 – 2000) -Ministry of Education, Sabya Directorate of Education (Sabya) -Computer teacher (1994 – 1998) -Ministry of Education, Sabya Directorate of Education (Sabya) My Vision Working in the field of computers and education for over 20 years has been provided me with rich prac-tical experience of how computers/ICTs can be implemented in the education system. Additionally, my recent PhD research has increased my awareness of teachers’ lack of knowledge about using an interac-tive teaching approach and how to use ICT affordances to aid their teaching practice when teaching in an E-learning environment. To improve teachers’ teaching practice, I am aiming to use my computer experience, E-learning/ICT knowledge and understanding of teaching pedagogy to make a positive change in the learning system in Saudi schools. This can be achieved through developing training materials and/or a system to assess teachers in their teaching practice. One of the core concepts for developing these materials is the inter-active teaching approach and use of ICT tools within this teaching and learning context.
Head of Najran educational department
Saudi Arabia