Lamis Baowaidan

I have worked with children with special needs, including those with autism for over 7 years. I have also been a program supervisor for an exemplary program for children with and without autism diagnoses at the Fred S Keller School in NY. In my time as a supervisor, I trained teachers in teaching using behavior analytic interventions, and I also served as clinical professor for many MA students, advising them in their research for their courses, and training them to mastery across the range of competencies that are needed to implement state-of-the-science applied behavior analysis with children and adolescents. I’m currently an assistant professor in the special education department at Dar Al Hekma University. I earned my Ph.D., MA, and M.Phil in Applied Behavior Analysis from Columbia University, and BS in Special Education with a focus on Learning Disabilities from Dar Al Hekma University in Saudi Arabia.
Dar Al-Hekmah University, Jeddah. PHD
Saudi Arabia