HRH Dr. Faisal Almashary Al Saud

Dr. Faisal Almashary Al Saud - CEO of the National Center for Assessment ( Qiyas) since its inception in 2001 to present. - He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the School of Engineering at King Saud University in 2003. - He was appointed Assistant Instructor in 2003 at the same school. - In 2006, he was promoted to lecturer at the same school. - In 2010, he earned his Ph. D. degree from Purdue University, Indiana, USA. - Upon return to King Saud University, he was appointed Assistant Professor, and then Associate Professor. - He contributed greatly to the academic, research, as well as administrative work at the School of Engineering, KSU, among which he was the Associate Dean at the School of Engineering and chairman of several academic and administrative committees. - From the year to 1999 to the year 2001, he was appointed Director to the then newly founded Higher Education Center for Strategic Studies and Research. - Notwithstanding his deep interest in his engineering specialization, he is fully focused on Measurement and Evaluation. he ,also, nurtures great interest in educational planning and development issues. - He has participated in many forums, symposium and conferences locally, regionally and internationally. - He has membership in several specialized research centers.
CEO of the National Center for Assessment ( Qiyas)
Saudi Arabia